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Ryan & Rachel

We want to adopt a boy from newborn to two years old. We would really love to talk with you. Please reach out to us!  

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About Ryan & Rachel

Hello!  We are Ryan and Rachel from Utah!  Thank you for visiting us.


We have two sweet little girls and a boy and are excited to expand our family in welcoming a second son into our home.  We want to adopt a boy to be a lifelong brother and friend to our current son--whom is 18 months old. 


We promise you that your son will have every opportunity to live a happy, stable and accomplished life in a family that loves and treasures him as their own.  Education is important to us (Ryan has a master's degree from an Ivy League school and Rachel was accepted into one of the most competitive nursing master's programs in the region--although she decided to stay home to raise our children).  We love music (we play multiple instruments), sports (tennis, soccer, running, baseball), the outdoors (training dogs, hunting, fly fishing, camping) and especially serving people in need.  Your son will have the opportunity to develop character, experiences and talents in all of these areas.  We will do everything we can to help him live the happiest most fulfilling life possible.  We will love and cherish him deeply.


We love spending time together going on long walks, taking our morning family run around the park, reading, playing games, traveling, baking and barbecuing, playing tennis or going anywhere that takes us to the mountains or a beach. 

Rachel is a dedicated stay-at-home mother.  She cherishes her role as a mother and loves to teach, laugh and cook with our children.  She has a bachelors degree in nursing (registered nurse). 

Ryan is an active father that keeps the children engaged--whether outside on our daily morning run, working in the yard, or building our latest project. Ryan owns his own business and has a masters degree in business.

We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Helping our children reach their greatest potential

We love our children dearly and we make every attempt to lead them, teach them and give them opportunities to reach their greatest potential.  Our desire for them is that as they grow up that we can help them expand their talents, their intellect, their confidence, their commitment to correct principles, and to develop a sincere love of God, people in general and especially people in need.

Our children are young and will be close in age to our adopted child

We are so excited to have another child become part of our family and know they will feel genuinely loved and accepted. We are especially excited that our children are still very young and so they will grow up being very close in age, sharing similar experiences and being dear friends with their new sibling. 

Our nightly "go to bed" routine

We have a routine for getting ready for bed each night.  The kids seem to love it...whenever we miss a step they remind us to get back on track.  Here it is:

1-Clean up the play room

2-Mark our "X" on the daily job chart

3-Put on pajamas

4-Brush teeth

5-Book reading by Mom

6-Impromptu wresting with or horse riding on Dad

7-Sing a song with the piano or guitar

8-Kneel in family prayer

Family dinners and Sunday afternoon

We feel that family dinner time every evening provides valuable time together--and fortunately Rachel loves to cook!--but Sunday dinner is especially important. During Sunday dinner we have a tradition of each sharing an experience from the week that shows "how we have done something kind for somebody else".  Even though the kids are young they already love to share what they have done. 


Then, either before or after dinner, the girls and Mom will bake cookies and we will go for a walk to deliver cookies to neighbors or friends.  Naturally, we always save a bunch of cookies to enjoy ourselves at home while playing games and laughing together.


We truly treasure our special Sundays! 

Our Christmas traditions

Christmas is our favorite time of year. We love the lights, the music, the snow, the food, the decorations and time with family.  We have many meaningful traditions that make the season special and memorable. 

Here are a few:


1-Going to Grandpa & Grandma's place to head up in the mountains to cut a Christmas tree

2-We put up two trees in our house--one for the gifts we give to each other and the other tree for the gifts of service that each family member gives to the Savior for the coming year

3-We have a homemade manger in which each of us places a piece of straw every time we do something kind--in an attempt to make a straw-filled comfortable bed for baby Jesus

4-For each child we place a miniature Christmas mailbox under the tree for "Santa" to deliver a daily Christmas message or surprise throughout December

5-We love filling the month with our favorite Christmas movies, playing games, visiting the lights, making treats for friends, and spending time with family

That all goes without mentioning how Dad dresses up like jolly old Saint Nick and appears at unexpected times and places!